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The Five Intentions (Our Values)

1. Devotion to Self
A personal devotion to self-improvement: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual/philosophical.

We all want to be treated with respect, so we will always treat others with respect.
2. Be Transparent & Open
Recognize and consider embracing everyone’s subjective truths.

We will actively consider opinions different from our own that we may have the opportunity to learn new truths from them.

Don’t believe anything with 100% certainty. To do so closes your mind to new truths.

Be true to yourself, and be willing to share your authentic self with others.
3. Committed to Critical Thinking
Teach people to trust and improve our own judgement and rational thought rather than following blindly.

Seek truth about objective reality learnable through experimentation and the senses.
4. Maximize Happiness
While Minimizing Harm
Have as much freedom as possible to pursue happiness while minimizing significant harm. (for yourself and all others), which is what we consider to be doing more good.

Determine a balance between maximizing freedom, minimizing harm/suffering, and maximizing happiness for oneself and others
5. Eager to Give and
Receive Love
We all want to be loved, so why don't we try to put more love into the world towards at least other humans and ideally all other sentient beings?

A Summary

Our conviction lies in the notion of self-improvement, which can be achieved by utilizing reason, truth, and love. The employment of reason with an open mind allows us to gain knowledge about the world around us and wisdom to make better decisions, thereby maximizing happiness and minimizing harm for those we can influence.

Embracing truth enables us to live in accordance with our values and intentions, while loving ourselves and others can contribute to the creation of a more compassionate and fair society.

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