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Product Management Bootcamp

Become a specialist of one of the most promising jobs of 2021 according to Linkedin and Glassdoor*, making $100,000-$120,000. (median)

Earn a FTI Product Managment Certificate !

About Us

Why we’re the most innovative product bootcamp:

Planned Agile

Learn the newest, most efficient form of agile — Planned Agile

Waterfall Pure Agile Planned Agile
Maximize Value

Minimize Waste

Fast to Market

Adapt to Customer Needs

Validate Work Before Building

Exclusive: FTI Design Sprints

Learn how to do design sprints faster than Google

You want to iterate until you get to traction or learn your competitive advantage isn’t compelling enough.

The longer it takes, the more money it costs, so speed is important


Design Sprint

Daily improvements


Design Sprint

Weekly improvements

Unleash Your Innovation

Learn to create brilliant innovation,
from someone who won the best visionary product of the year award

Garrett’s innovation advice builds on top of advice about innovation from Rob Ryan, a billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Ascend Communication

Why choose us

There are 80 things you MAY need to know as a product manager…

In any given job, you only need to know 15 of them, but there are only 4 common to all product management jobs. This means even if you’re already a product manager, you may not be prepared for your next job. We teach you all 80 things you MAY need to know, so you’ll know the 15 required for any product management/owner job.

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Why product
management is a great career choice

Product management is one of the top 5 most promising jobs in the country.
Rated #4 (product owner) and #14 (product manager) most promising job of 2021 by LinkedIn
Rated #3 best job in America by Glassdoor.
Median salary: $100,000 – $120,000/Year (note over $75K more money doesn’t make you happier )
Job Satisfaction: 3.9/5
Product owner job openings(YoY Growth: 1,100 (87% increase)
Product manager job openings (YoY Growth: 10,268 (29% increase)
Career Advancement Score: 9/10


Flexible Tuition

If your employer pays (50% people): $5000
If you pay, we have an unconventional way of charging (since we’re a not for profit):
$2000 + pay what you wish (recommended donation of $3000), or
$500 + 5% + pay what you wish (recommended additional 5%) of first year gross salary
Scholarships/tuition assistance available for those under hardship, reach out.
We don’t want money to be your reason for not attending

Your Instructor

Former Head of product and engineering with PwC & Google Current founder and president of PlateRate.com Winner of the best visionary product of the year award

We want your feedback

Whether this sounds interesting to you or not, we want to hear from you. What do you like / dislike about the program? What are we missing that will help us improve? At the FTI we’re all about continuous improvement: we want your feedback, and might just reward you for it! Email us your feedback at freethinkerinstitute@gmail.com.
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